“We live in the age of ad blocking, where people can download special software for their laptops or iPhones to avoid ads or even skip them entirely with their DVRs. So it may come as a surprise that, despite our penchant for avoiding ads, we actually still put a great deal of trust in them”, reports Media Life.

Although there have been many methods developed to block ads in recent years, the level of trust in advertising has remained high around the world, and it’s also steady from past years., states Media Life in a story about a new Nielsen report.  More than half of those surveyed say they trust traditional forms of paid advertising, including TV, magazines, billboards and radio.

According to the Media Life story about the Nielsen report:

“In fact, trust in TV advertising has actually increased 1 percentage point since 2013, the last time this survey was taken, with 63 percent saying they trust TV advertising somewhat or completely.

““Despite continued media fragmentation, the proliferation of online formats has not eroded trust in traditional (offline) paid channels,” notes the report.

“What this suggests is that people don’t block ads because they mistrust them. They block them because they either find them annoying or don’t want to be distracted from the content they are consuming.”

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