YouTube holds an almost unquantifiable mass of video, but parent company Google is working very hard to quantify just how much of it is watched, in its ongoing quest to wrest more advertising dollars away from television, reports Media Life Magazine, which added:

“And the latest numbers from the company are pretty impressive.

“YouTube says its users watch more than 1 billion hours of video each day worldwide, a number that’s up tenfold from 2012.

“Feeding those appetites, some 400 hours of video are uploaded each day, equating to 65 years of video.

“YouTube remains the undisputed king of digital video content. Last year, Facebook said it serves up about 100 million hours of video each day, while Netflix accounts for 116 million.

“If YouTube continues this colossal growth, there’s a chance it could surpass TV viewership within a few years. The latest Nielsen data on daily consumption of television puts it at just over 20 billion hours per day.”


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