Nielsen, which offers a podcast buying service, has released a survey showing that podcasts drive high brand awareness and purchase intent, reports Publishers Daily. The study coincides with one by NCSolutions, showing that 42% of listeners have at some point purchased a product advertised in a podcast. “And the results are telling,” says Publishers Daily.

For instance, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands derive a 37 point increase in awareness, financial services firms add 30 points and select technology brands 21 points, Nielsen reports.

In addition, states Publishers Daily, “CPGs gain 23 points for information seeking, financial services brands 18 points and technology firms 15 points.

“And, CPG and financial services brands each gain 18 points in purchases. Technology firms get 8%.

“Moreover, CPG brands receive a 19 point hike in recommendations, financial services companies 18 points and technology brands 12 points.

“Judging by data based on breakdowns in Nielsen’s Podcasting Buying Power service, podcasts tend to be consumed by people approaching middle age — the median age is 39. And more men listen than women by a margin of 54% to 46%.

“However, women make up a majority of the audience for Kids & Family podcasts (79%), Health & Fitness (59%), Religion & Spirituality (59%) and education (53%).

“Also, podcast listeners have solid middle-class incomes, the median being $82,590. The highest incomes are enjoyed by consumers of science podcasts ($90,921) and news ($90,521).”

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