WPP’s Possible withdrew its bid protest today against the Federal Government from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims after a long review and then legal battle. WPP was protesting the award of the U.S. Army account to DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. The account was awarded in November after many years of starts and stops dating back to 2014. Possible felt that it was not recognized fairly for its innovative technological assets and instead just awarded the account to DDB based on price. Possible felt that DDB could not deliver what was promised at such a low price. DDB is owned by Omnicom Group Inc.

McCann Worldgroup, the incumbent on the Army account for 12 years, also was protesting the decision but withdrew from their fight as well. They were protesting being eliminated because of a missing disk that was part of the presentation materials.

The long protracted battle for the U.S. Army account between three behemoth advertising holding companies has finally been put to rest, so it appears.

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