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PR Pros Should Study Donald Trump’s Tactics “to See How They Might Benefit,” States CyberAlert

by | Sep 20, 2015

While the media was busy reporting “The Donald’s” presidential bid, some public relations experts took time to analyze his tactics to find what PR can learn, reports CyberAlert, which added:  “Many people may want to be like the real estate mogul. PR gurus don’t recommend acting like Trump, but they do suggest that PR pros can study his PR tactics to see how they might benefit. He’s attracted extraordinary amounts of publicity as a corporate executive and he leads recent polls among Republican presidential candidates. He must be doing something right.”

The following, states CyberAlert, are main characteristics and PR tactics that have led to Trump’s success.

“He is authentic, or at least feels authentic. He speaks his mind. His controversial comments, which would destroy a traditional campaign, help him. Even to people who disagree with him, his remarks probably feel like a welcome change to voters accustomed to political correctness and waffling candidates. He may be bombastic, but at least he’s not boring. In addition, he’s consistent. Unlike typical politicians, he stands by controversial remarks.

“He attacks. He takes the offensive against opponents, and others in his way for that matter. In addition, he doesn’t pull punches in his verbal assaults. That tactic runs counter to conventional PR advice that calls for taking the high road and avoiding badmouthing others. Even in situations that would put normal politicians on the defensive, he remains on the offensive.

“He is an outsider – really. Politicians frequently portray themselves as outsiders, with varying degrees of success. Presidential candidates view their lack of connection with Washington, D.C., as an advantage, because of the public’s distaste for Washington politicians (except their own). The outsider tactic frequently falls short, but Trump is indeed an outsider, having never served in public office.

“He understands timing. He’s shown a knack for timing. For example, he upstaged Jeb Bush in announcing his bid.

“He has a defined brand. The Trump brand equals wealth, capitalism, entrepreneurism and success. His brand means “opulence.” He unabashedly states: “I’m really rich.” He stands out with his wealth, his hair, not to mention a recognizable personality. Although he often seems to give little thought to his public comments, Trump has cultivated his brand carefully over the years with television programs and media interviews. His unfiltered comments, bluntness and outsider status are all part of that brand.

“He targets his audience. Trump appears to rant, but those rants are actually carefully targeted to push hot-button issues of his target audience.”

By studying Trump, continued CyberAlert, “public relations professionals can learn some important traits and tactics that resonate with the public.”



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