Capitol Communicator is running predictions from communicators about what’s ahead in 2020.  Below are predictions from Yes&, a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

Customer Experience— is the area that marketers need to focus on most in 2020 because it incorporates the entire customer journey and feeds the Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Word of Mouth (WOM) world we live in. Hopefully that’s the sharp end of the spear that agencies like Yes& can use to differentiate our product offering!

Jeb Brown, Chairman & CFO, Yes& Agency

Culture— will matter more than ever in agency life. Nurturing a great culture and ensuring people have a voice and space to create within an organization is already a reality. Now, firms like Yes&, which adheres to Agile marketing and advertising, will have a competitive edge as agility helps drive culture.

Robert Sprague, President & CEO, Yes& Agency

Computers—Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to trend and interface with all our technology clients – federal or commercial. AI and training computers to perform complex functions like content moderation or predictive analysis is the next new wave for many of our Yes& clients.

Mike Smith, SVP of Public Relations, Yes& Agency

According to Yes&, maybe these are the “new three C’s” for 2020?

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