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Capitol Communicator has a post by Response Labs that in today’s highly connected world, consumers interact with brands on multiple devices and platforms, both online and offline.

Programmatic advertising in omnichannel marketing

by | Oct 20, 2023

By Liz Woods,  Response Labs

In today’s highly connected world, consumers interact with brands on multiple devices and platforms, both online and offline. So it’s no surprise that the term “omnichannel” has been making waves in the marketing and advertising industry. At Response Labs, we’re making omnichannel a reality for our clients.

Omnichannel is the use of multiple touchpoints in a unified and consistent way that works toward a common goal. Incorporating multiple platforms and channels effectively and efficiently can be challenging–that’s where we introduce programmatic advertising. Through programmatic, we offer advertisers access to a wide range of valuable inventory via real-time bids, which helps maximize their investment. When combined with our CRM strategies, our team of experts makes programmatic advertising a highly personalized and truly omnichannel experience for your brand.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is defined as the automated buying and selling of digital ads. For advertisers, the ad-buying side of programmatic allows for automated bidding on digital ad spots that ultimately allow brands to reach their target audience wherever they are. Programmatic advertising has expanded since earlier years and these days advertisers can purchase display, video (both online and streaming/connected), audio, native, in-game, and digital-out-of-home programmatically.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Programmatic Advertising

Seamless cross-channel integration

Advertisers can access up to seven different channels programmatically, which means that brands can simultaneously run campaigns across channels and all under one roof, for a seamless campaign management and reporting experience.

Increased reach and scalability

With access to a wide range of channels and publishers, programmatic offers advertisers the ability to reach a large audience and scale their campaigns for maximum impact and efficiency. (Read: more time back in your day).

Transparent access and control

The best programmatic platforms allow advertisers to check under the hood to analyze and optimize every single aspect of a programmatic campaign. While Response Labs is a platform-agnostic agency, our preferred programmatic partner is The Trade Desk for these reasons. The Trade Desk allows us the most transparency and control over what we run, where, when, and how.

How We Can Help

At Response Labs, we guide our clients through making sense of their CRM data and applying those learnings to their Omnichannel campaigns. The end goal is an entirely personalized experience for each customer throughout their consumer journey. An omnichannel marketing presence allows brands to engage with their target customers based on where and how they want to be engaged.

Programmatic will continue to be a vital aspect of any successful omnichannel marketing strategy. As digital marketing experts, we love diving into the world of programmatic media to enhance our clients’ omnichannel strategies.

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