The firm that hosts PRSA Richmond’s website, Tendenci, recently had its servers attacked – an attack that affected many Tendenci clients. According to PRSA Richmond, Tendenci believed that the hackers wanted to use websites on its servers to redirect web traffic to other sites. This type of activity is referred to as “black hat SEO” and can help sites unethically gain short-term rankings on Google.

PRSA Richmond stated that Tendenci did not believe that the hackers were after chapter user or membership information, but there is the possibility that they had access to it. That information included name, phone number, email address and user name. No credit card information has been compromised; nor have passwords been compromised.

As a result of this malicious activity, Tendenci temporarily took down PRSA Richmond’s site, and moved it to a more secure server while also disabling some of the site’s features that could make it vulnerable to future attacks.

Of note, this is the fourth website that we know of that’s been hacked.

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