Connect360 Multimedia, a leading marketer of public service announcements (PSAs), announced the results of its annual analysis of the company’s tracked television and radio PSA airings.

Connect360, a Capitol Communicator sponsor,  undertakes the annual analysis to stay on top of trends and demonstrate that PSAs air in strong dayparts and in top markets.   According to Connect360, there are “common misconceptions that PSAs are relegated to air in the early morning hours when most are asleep, and only stations in smaller markets that air them.   The analysis dispels these myths.”

In 2014, Connect360 reported over 1.4 million television and radio airings resulting in nearly 20 billion impressions and $301 in donated media value.  “An analysis of the airings revealed that the majority occurred during waking hours and in top markets.  For television, nearly two-thirds of airings occurred between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m., with 4 percent occurring during prime time.   While radio airings do run slightly higher in the overnight hours (42 percent overnight vs. 58 percent during waking hours) this is offset by an amazing 38 percent occurring during morning and evening drive times, the television equivalent of prime time,” stated the company.

Additionally, the majority of airings occurred in the top-100 markets (television 58 percent in the top 100 and radio 68 percent), further exposing the tremendous value of PSAs across the country.

“This analysis just demonstrates the great commercial space made available to nonprofits at no cost,” Annette Minkalis, Connect360’s executive vice president said.   “With the preponderance of airings in good dayparts and large markets, broadcast PSAs should be a no-brainer tactic for organizations looking to get its mission in front of potential new donors.”



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