Ad 2 DC held a panel discussion on July 14 on “Tips and Tricks” for emerging media trends. The panelists included Paul Krakovsky, digital sales manager, iHeartRadio; Emily Rasowsky, managing strategist, Social Driver; Jeffrey Turner, director and head of ad product and monetization at The Huffington Post; Lauren Villeneuve, senior marketing strategist, CHIEF; and Scott Williams, senior vice president of sales and marketing and chief operating officer, Newseum.

The panel addressed a full house, discussing a range of topics in emerging trends, from how to grow your reach with mobile tools, the importance of metrics, and tips on how to create content with real ROI.

The engaging mix of panelist confirmed what, judging by the nods in the audience, many already know – which is the future of marketing is changing. It’s changing fast and across more platforms than we have ever seen before.

The three key takeaways focused on how to stay on top of both what your audience cares about and how to be on the platforms they care about most effectively.

1. Know your audience. Knowing your audience is the foundation to any good marketing effort. Attendees heard from Huffington Post’s Turner about how his team is moving more and more into customized, KPI driven, native advertising practices. A shift that, he credits, to the increase in results he sees when content experts know what native ads will most resonate with their target audience.

This sentiment was also echoed by both Rasowsky of Social Driver and Villeneuve of CHIEF, with Rasowsky  stating that the first step in good content is ’targeting’ and researching your audience.  Villeneuve suggested first ’taking a look in the mirror’ and understanding where your brand fits in the landscape before developing content.

2. Collaboration is key. Williams of the Newseum spoke to both the strengths of having collaboration among his internal teams and the challenges constantly keeping vendors in the loop. By working collaboratively across various disciplines, his team has been able to stretch limited resources. Taking this collaboration to outside vendors was one area of discussion. At one high point in the conversation, Williams turned the question back to the panel, concluding that successful collaboration takes constant communication and a bit of training.

3. Meet people where they are. Today, our audiences are using multiple platforms. The most effective content reaches people across all of the platforms they use. Krakovsky spoke to the importance of using iHeartRadio’s app to reach people on the radio even when they leave their cars. The app itself is downloaded by millions of engaged listeners that all align with many desired demographics.

Many of the panelists spoke about the emerging requests from clients to be on many different platforms and with engaging, multi-media assets.

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