The latest campaign by Baltimore-based Under Armour sets out to show the raw reality of training, complete with blood, pain and exhaustion on the faces of several well-known elite athletes, reports Ad Age, which added that Lindsey Vonn, Misty Copeland, Anthony Joshua, Jordan Spieth and Cam Newton “are among the Under Amour spokesperson athletes appearing in the campaign by Droga5, and in the anthem film, directed by Jodeb via Prettybird, we see them at their least glamorous–training in the snow and rain or in sweaty gyms, bruised and bloody, gasping in pain.

“In addition to the main film, several vignettes pair unexpected athletes together to show viewers raw moments that highlight the commonalities of training. The collection of films is set to the soundtrack “You Can Make It If You Try’,” by Gene Allison.

“Underlining this theme of different sports but same grit, the tagline of the campaign is “Will Makes Us Family.” It’s all to promote the brand’s latest line of Training gear, which includes sub-brands Perpetual, Vanish, Weather Protection and the latest Misty Copeland (seen above) signature collection.”

More here.  (In addition, Under Armour just announced the hiring of a new CMO.  Details here.)

Lead Photo: ADWEEK

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