The Washington Wizards’ Wizdom Dance Team, comprised of people 50-plus years of age, is AARP Studios’ latest original YouTube series Road to Wizdom. The five-episode video series captures the journey as aspiring dancers audition for the Wizdom team. From auditions and callbacks to practice and their first NBA performance, this series follows the drama that unfolds on the path to making the team and performing in front of a packed arena.

In addition, Road to Wizdom showcases a larger message than just tryouts for the dance team, it’s about misconceptions about aging.”‘Road to Wizdom’ is about grabbing life, defying expectations, disrupting aging and turning big dreams into reality,” said AARP Studios Vice President Jeffrey Eagle. “It’s about everyday heroes… regardless of age, shape, color, income or talent. The team is proving that there’s no limit to challenging yourself and following your dreams because Wizdom comes with age.”

This series shares personal, relatable stories of people challenging outdated beliefs about what it means to live as they age.

Derric Whitfield, director of the Wizdom Dance Team, said the team is “a group of talented entertainers that are proving every day that you can pursue your dreams and achieve new milestones at any age.”

The dance team includes 20 adults, 19 women and one man, age 50-plus who live in the Washington, D.C., metro area. The team’s upcoming performances will be April 3 and April 9 at the Washington Wizards’ home games.

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