The historic decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that gay and lesbian couples across the country have a constitutional right to marry was a triumph to many who are a part of the Capitol Communicator community. The 5-4 decision caps a long battle over civil rights.  The Martin Agency in Richmond posted the video above on its website, and we reached out to the Capitol Communicator community to get comments.

Eileen Kessler, founder/president, OmniStudio: “We have seen how discrimination had negative effects for us and our employees. Now all of the benefits of marriage are attainable for same sex couples. We can visit our partners in the hospital, receive shared insurance benefits, protect our children, plan our estates and, above all, live more openly and freely in our society. It’s important for business owners to show leadership, be open and out with their employees and their customers to be role models for the next generation. OmniStudio is proud to be on the first Washington Business Journal list of the top-25 LGBTQ-owned businesses in Washington, just released last week.”

Brent M. Almond, creative director, Design Nut, LLC: “As a self-employed designer, this gives our family an added level of security and protection. My husband and I were legally married in Maryland last year, but if we were ever to move to another state, there would be no question as to whether our marriage (and our being co-parents of our son) is recognized or not. On an emotional level, it gives me some extra piece of mind – always helpful when you’re your own boss!”

Gabby Rochin, principal and creative director, Streetsense, said the decision “represents a major victory for everyone, not just those in the gay community. Tolerance, acceptance and love can not be appealed. But let’s all keep in mind that the vote came down to 5 to 4 – not exactly a majority, but it’s a start.”

Thomas Sanchez and Anthony Shop, principals of Social Driver, (and pictured above): “As business owners, we are thrilled that the Supreme Court recognized that the right to marry exists in all 50 states. Our business can now focus on opening operations and hiring talented people anywhere in this great country, without having to consider whether regulations would put us as a married couple owning a business, or our LGBT employees, at risk of having a different status across states.”

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