Several advertisers and analysts state YouTube has become a viable alternative to TV in the minds of top brands whose ad budgets have typically been focused on TV, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ report stated:

“For a while, advertisers’ favorite place to spend TV dollars online was on TV shows streamed on the Web on either TV networks’ sites and apps or on Hulu. Meanwhile, YouTube long carried the reputation as mostly housing low-quality home videos.

“Brands still like advertising in TV shows online, but as Mr. (John) Swift (Omnicom Media Group’s chief executive of North American investment) noted, YouTube has done a good job of communicating the value of its own stars and helping brands find them.

“Plus, YouTube has come a long way in catering to marketers’ desires to track ads on the site like TV ads, such as incorporating Nielsen data and offering advertisers guarantees on how many people ad campaigns will reach, much like TV does, said Eric Johnson, president of the digital agency Ignited. “The product they are offering is measurable, and clients are comfortable.”

“And clients like the fact that they only pay for ads on YouTube that people don’t skip. “There is a growing recognition in the industry of the power of getting people to choose to consume your ad,” Mr. Johnson said. As opposed to TV ads, which generally interrupt people’s viewing experiences.”

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