Smartphones are the leading channel for email opens, but lag behind desktops in producing conversions and revenue, according to a study by Movable Ink, reports MediaPost, which added that smartphone “opens grew to 57.19% in the second quarter compared with 56.28% in the first quarter. In contrast, desktop opens marginally decreased from 29.46% to 29.29%. Tablet opens fell by less than a point to 13.53%.

“But desktops produced the highest number of conversions in the second quarter — 56 million compared with 29.9 million via smartphones. And the average order value (AOV) was $256.19, versus $122.40 for smartphones.

“The variances were similar in the first quarter, although the overall numbers were lower — desktops produced 99.4 million conversions and $13.1 million in revenue, versus the 55 million conversions and $2.9 million in revenue that came in via smartphones.”

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