If you haven’t created your Sourcebook profile, we thought we’d share 2,000 reasons why you should.

Since we launched Capitol Communicator’s Sourcebook search tools a little over six weeks ago, in mid-February, there have been 2,200 searches conducted on the platform and 6,500 views of individual agency and professional profiles. The growing number of searches underscores the value of Sourcebook’s integration with CommunicationsMatch™.

Agencies and professionals who create profiles benefit from searches being conducted not only on Sourcebook, but through CommunicationsMatch-powered search tools on www.prsa.org/find-a-firm, caprsa.com and communicationsmatch.com. Clients are able to search for all agencies and professionals with profiles that match their needs.

Starting in Q4 2022, firms and individuals will be able to view search data for their specific profile.

Advertising, marketing and PR agencies, professionals and freelancers can take advantage of Capitol Communicator discounts when creating profiles through the Sourcebook page. Watch these short videos on:

How top Create a Sourcebook Profile

How to Search for Agencies and Professionals


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