Baltimore-based Storyfarm is the production company behind a campaign for Savane that has been featured in Ad Age.  According to the trade publication: “Pants are the worst.

“Blame the Victorians. While many non-Western societies traditionally favored flowing, comfortable garments for the bottom halves of the male population, those stuffy Brits doubled down on caging their junk in rigid, unyielding crotch prisons.

“That epidemic of manspreading plaguing subway cars around the world? Directly attributable to uncomfortable pants. And don’t get us started on jeans. Denim is a lie.

“But now Perry Ellis wants to help end the painful game of pocket billiards while also smoothing that dumpy backside that everyone makes fun of. Yes, everyone. The fashion brand’s Savane is a stretchy, wrinkle-free, stain resistant brand of slacks made to cure “Pants-itis.”

“A spot from North Carolina agency Baldwin& parodies pharma advertising and its over-the-top, infomercial feel, as a hapless pants-wearer struggles with the ailment and the abuse it inflicts on his both his pelvic area and his self-esteem. After switching to Savane on his doctor’s orders, he experiences side effects like “frequent smiling, extreme levels of confidence, new friendships” and impressive aim and power when skipping rocks.

“The tone is a bit reminiscent of Tommy John’s “The Big Adjustment,” which focused on the specific placement of the naughty bits. One can only wonder what a man sporting both TJ briefs and Savane slacks at the same time might achieve.

“The longform spot is running on social and in-store ad placements, with media by Media Storm.”

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