To honor the region’s healthcare heroes, Baltimore-based creative agency TBC decided to curate some of its favorite coronavirus internet memes and create a cheeky adult coloring book, “Thank You for Literally Saving the World: Volume 1 – Healthcare Heroes” to give nurses a much-needed laugh and mental break. The coloring book’s website features a “coloring mode” where you can create your own artwork online, and a PDF of the book can be downloaded free of charge here.

With the coloring book art including blue hearts to honor frontline workers and magenta and cyan as a nod to common scrubs colors, TBC team members wanted a way to give back to the healthcare community working tirelessly to care for others during the pandemic, as explained in this excerpt from the book:

But sometimes, being a nurse…well, it’s tough.

Twelve-hour shifts can get awfully rough.

Frequent flyers in the ER, bouts of the flu…

Pages and paperwork and bedpans of poo.

This coloring book, then, is for the nights that you’re stressed—

When there’s blood on your shoes and your hair is a mess…

When report has run late and your bus is long gone,

Take a minute to breathe, relax, and stay strong.

Then pull out this book and use it to unwind.

(It’s a little adult, but we know you don’t mind.)

To celebrate National Nurses Week, TBC delivered printed copies of the coloring book to The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Sinai Hospital along with thousands of drug-free pain relief products donated from KT Tape, and shared some local love with soaps from Earth Elements Soapworks, lotions from SoBotanical, coffee from Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters and Zeke’s Coffee, and PPE mask band adjusters from 3D printer Ken Paluso.

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