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Tech Talk: Facebook ‘I’m Safe’ Tool, Snapchat’s Leaked Photos and WhatsApp Helping with Ebola Outbreak | Weekly Roundup October 17, 2014

by | Oct 17, 2014

By Theresa Wallace, Carousel30

Facebook introduces a new way to comfort friends and family when unfortunate natural disaster strikes. The users will receive a notification asking if you are okay and the tool is pretty incredible. It tracks nationwide disasters and, based on your location information, asks you to check in if you’re safe! I like this new option in Facebook and I think other users will benefit from the tool as well. See the tool video and read more on Facebook’s website.

Hopefully your face was not one of the 98,000 pictures and videos hacked from Snapchat.com this week. The pictures are believed to be accessed through a third party Snapchat service and then were reported for sharing on websites like Pirate Bay and TheSnappening. Mashable did some investigating and discovered one of the people responsible for setting up TheSnappening website where the pictures and videos were viewable – the site also received 5M page views a day, sheesh! Happy to say the website is now shut down and kudos to Mashable for their Sherlock Holmes skills! Read more details on Mashable.

Apple fans – the new Apple iPad Air has officially been announced! You may have seen reports of the newest iPad details that were leaked earlier this week – well Apple decided to give them iPad Air 2 a proper introduction. The 18% thinner iPad is faster and has less glare than its predecessors, it is also expected, as noted in the Wall Street Journal, to pick up the slouching iPad sales. Orders can be made as early as Friday and shipment next week! Read more about the product features at the Wall Street Journal.

Ebola is hitting a record outbreak in West Africa. WhatsApp and BBC are partnering to launch public health service information to combat the spread of Ebola. The service will provide text messages, photos and audio to help get the latest information to the public. Content will be sent three times a day and will be in English and French. If you’re interested in these announcements or want to read more, visit BBC.

Great, another messenger app to add to your collection on your Android phone. Google Hangout chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik – need I go on? Google is working on a messenger app similar to WhatsApp aimed to support different languages. The app will be released in 2015 and if it supports the multi-language capability, I can see this app trumping WhatsApp – which is the second most downloaded message app on the Google Play and on the App Store. Go to Digital Trends to read more about the app.

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