By Rob Whittle, CEO, Williams Whittle

Years ago, I was asked by my boat captain/friend to be the navigator on a sailing voyage from the Chesapeake to Bermuda. I soon realized that celestial navigation was an extremely complex business (at least for an English major). Then, I happened upon William F. Buckley’s nonfiction account of his passage across the Atlantic called Airborne. In it, he had a chapter on celestial navigation. He started out by proclaiming that he would not be preaching the whys and wherefores of the art; rather, if the reader would simply follow the steps from A-Z, then they could operate a sextant and find their position anywhere in the world.

After a careful reading or two of the chapter, I took a sextant out in the night sky and sighted on the stars. After completing my calculations, I discovered that I was not in Alexandria; rather, the sighting had “moved” me somewhere south of Chicago.

Dear reader, if you follow the steps in The Definitive Guide to PSAs, then you, too, can be successful at producing and placing PSAs. But if you make some wrong moves in the process, you might find yourself hundreds of miles from success.

Williams Whittle has a track record that is unparalleled in the placement of PSAs. Virtually all of our campaigns earn millions of dollars in Nielsen-measured value. And all of our PSA campaigns are in the top 3-5% of all PSA campaigns in placement. We hold several records for annual values of PSAs.

So, use the Guide for yourself. It will work. Or, you could give us a call.

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