Axios HQ’s new report, “The workplace communications crisis,” asks the questions about why internal communications aren’t working, and attempts to address what to do about it.

The company says that more than 70 percent of communicators say their internal updates are concise and engaging, yet nearly 60 percent of employees disagree. This massive disconnect — and others that come along with it — are driving a wedge between leaders and their teams at companies large and small.

Axios’ report dives into: what employees expect from workplace communications; where communicators — unknowingly — are falling short; and how to bridge the gap to boost employee engagement.

This report dives deep into workplace communications — the habits, opinions, and attitudes of employees and employers alike — to understand how we can all be clearer, more productive communicators at work.

Employees face a flood of information in their day-to-day work — emails, IMs, document dumps, texts, tweets, alarms, alerts. And while shrinking attention spans and shallow memories aren’t new, its fallout will continue to scale as the company does.

The answer is not more words. It is far fewer, more thoughtfully shared, that will serve teams and their leaders long-term, mend employee trust, and reignite engagement.

Read the report here.

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