It’s always been there, just waiting for someone to claim it.  Yet, we can’t actually feel it.  But we can experience it.  We just never know when, or how, or why.

Still, some days we feel luckier than on other days.  We don’t know why that is either.  But one thing we do know is that life is better when we feel luckier.  The world’s a brighter place.  There’s optimism in the air.  And good things actually seem more likely to happen, and do.

In a new advertising campaign for the DC Lottery from Agency of Record MDB, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, this campaign reminds people that luck is out there for us all.  And who better than a lottery to own the concept of luck?

Click the link below to view the new spots.  See if you don’t feel just a little luckier.

The :30 “Luck” TV and online commercials are airing in high-profile media venues including the Empire Season Finale, The Voice Finale, Golden Globes and the Scandal Premiere. Cinema advertising in DC-area theatres, kicked off on the same day as the Star Wars Rouge One premiere.

See the campaign at:

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