David Carberry, CEO of Enradius and GovReach, states that while we are living in unsettling times, “this too shall pass. Everyone is concerned about the health and safety of themselves, their loved ones, their businesses, their 401k, and their communities. In short, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our communities and the economy, and businesses are feeling the pinch.  This is a time for all of us to come together even while we are social distancing.”

Baltimore-based Carberry urges following  CDC guidelines at your business as well to protect your employees’ and customers’ safety. “Health comes first, but this doesn’t mean that your business needs to shut down forever. To weather this storm, you must adapt to the times and plan ahead.

“We’ve written some COVID-19 marketing guidelines and ideas for several industries: banking, medical, food service, education, legal, retail, hospitality, and entertainment. As people are staying at home, our location remarketing technology can target past visitors to locations of interest. This is the time to reach your customers on social media, where they’ll be connecting with friends even more frequently. We hope you’ll read further about our marketing capabilities, and reach out to strategize about how we can help your business continue to thrive amidst the sudden change of your normal routine.”


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