A Modus post related to the coronavirus deals, in part, with how employees can effectively work from home. It states that employees need to:

  • Identify a separate physical space away from distractions: not your bed, the kitchen island, or your car, or create rules with anyone else who might be home to know when you’re working to limit disturbances. The key is to limit disturbances and temptation for distraction. Make sure to get up and move around once and a while – and close your laptop or office door and log off to keep work-life balance, a challenge for remote workers.
  • Remember that work computers are for work: it’s not the family computer or for personal use.
  • Have good internet connection: with high-speed broadband and in compliance with IT security rules (as outlined above). Management can consider allowing employees to expense higher bandwidth connection to support video calls and collaboration.
  • Consider the light: access to windows in the right position can reduce headaches, stress and eyestrain.
  • Remember ergonomics and safety: a proper chair, desk, secondary monitor, separate keyboard and mouse are essential for long hours working on your computer – management can consider an allowance for upgrades. It’s also important that the machine is set up at the proper height and position for an ergonomically sound space.

Modus states that it is redefining how technology impacts customers by helping companies embrace digital transformation. You can read the full post here.

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