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Social Media Focus of TV News Directors

by | May 5, 2015

About 150 TV news directors responded to a survey by the Radio TV Digital News Association (RTDNA) regarding the question of “What’s the most important new thing you started doing with social media in 2014?  “At the top of the list — noted by almost half the news directors — organization, planning and emphasis.  News directors talked about putting together a specific plan for dealing with social media; they talked about establishing schedules for each staffer (or key groups of staffers) to post on Facebook or Twitter (or something else); they talked about establishing a social media desk or hiring a new (or converted) social media manager, director, coordinator or producer; some just talked about putting more emphasis on social media, but usually with a specific plan rather than a vague hope; some are still working on establishing a plan,” according to RTDNA.
According to the RTDNA report:
“A quarter of the TV news directors talked about more or better content, especially posted to Facebook but also to Twitter. Some noted an end to auto-posting and establishing more targeted posts while others talked about increasing auto-posting; a few noted contesting.”About 13% used the word “engagement” to describe what they were doing that was new. Some set up specific programs like “behind-the-scenes” looks at the newsroom; some talked about working a lot harder at creating and maintaining “conversations” with the audience.  Asking — and answering — questions. At just about the same level, news directors talked about greater emphasis on Twitter. Going “all out” on posting.A”t about 6% of replies, we have several areas: more fans and/or fan pages on Facebook; more efforts to link social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) back to the web; and more efforts to link social media and TV newscasts.”A few news directors mentioned other social media software — although way fewer than in past years. Most of those mentions noted Instagram, but there were also votes for Google+ and Linked In.”In TV, 72.4% of news directors said they did something new in social media in 2014 while 27.6% said nothing new. Radio ran the other way: 42.9% said they did something new in social media in 2014, but 57.1% said no, nothing new.””More” was the radio word of the survey in social media. More actively engaged in social media mostly; getting the staff more involved as well. And there were even more specific mentions of using Twitter than using Facebook, although both were quite high.  Also making a decent showing: the increased use of pictures, both still and video.”

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