Twitter lost a million monthly active users in the second quarter of 2018, indicating that it’s paying a price for implementing an aggressive new campaign to suspend fake and suspicious accounts, reports The Washington Post, which added that the company “was suspending accounts at a rate of roughly 1 million a day after implementing new tools for detecting accounts that might be involved in disinformation or other activity, such as spam, not permitted on the platform.”

The Post’s report added that company executives had acknowledged “their new tactics against suspicious accounts but said the impact on active users was likely to be limited because most of the suspended accounts were either not active or newly created. Friday’s report offered the most definitive evidence yet that the company’s efforts are having a measurable impact on Twitter’s ability to attract and maintain active users — the key metric in the company’s valuation by Wall Street.

“Twitter said in its earnings report that it had 335 million average monthly active users, down from 336 million the previous quarter. The 1 million loss came from users in the United States, the company said.”

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