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Two Longtime D.C. Area Agencies Detail How They Kept Up and Adapted to Constantly Changing Times

by | Aug 12, 2017

“The world of advertising has undergone swift and relentless change in the past decade, tied directly to the total disruption of media itself”, reports Washington Business Journal, which added that some agencies “have kept up and adapted, but others have fallen. “What we’ve done, and what the more successful agencies in the country have done, is recognize that the way things are today is not the way they’re going to be two months from now,” said Kipp Monroe, partner and executive creative director at Tysons-based White64.

“White64 is one of just a handful of local agencies, along with Alexandria-based Williams Whittle, that have stuck it out since the 1960s “Mad Men” era — and still live to tell the tale. “When I came along, it was X-Acto knives, and T-squares and typesetting. And you’d order type from the typehouse, and they’d rush it over to you, and somebody would glue it down on a board, and position a photograph on an ad, and weigh down the type with the headline,” Williams Whittle CEO Rob Whittle said. The change is like “going from candlelight to electric light.”

You can read the full story here about how these two longtime ad firms account for their survival, changes they’ve witnessed and where they see the industry headed.

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