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Updates You May Have Missed

by | Jun 24, 2016

With so many industry updates each day, it can get hard to keep track of the most important news. So while you’ve been working hard the past few weeks in preparation for the upcoming summer holidays, Carousel30 has spotted a few updates worth taking a look at. Keep reading to find out what you may have missed.

Social Media & Application Updates

From Instagram’s addition of Picked for You videos and Twitter’s investment to stream NFL games, social media and the industry’s applications have taken entertainment to a new level by adding layers of features to existing and new platforms. A new application, Public, has just been released that lets users follow conversations happening amongst celebrities in different industries. In the spirit of live video, Tumblr joined Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon in streaming live video for users to enjoy by integrating with YouTube and a few other platforms. Messaging applications are also a hot topic as iOS10’s messaging application will be adding personal touches, such as in-message like buttons, animated gifs, and handwritten messages. Facebook has also released an update to its Messenger app, and is looking to replace SMS by allowing SMS messaging directly within the application. And if you’re an avid user of Waze but hate taking left turns, the app has been updated in Los Angeles to avoid as many intersections as possible.

Technology Updates

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the trend of 2016 with many innovative companies finding new ways to gather and use information. Google launched Springboard, an AI-powered assistant, that helps enterprise users find information quickly within the their suite of Google products. Google also released Magenta, a computer-based system that has taught itself to play music, and is intended to advance machine technology for music and art. IBM has also launched a new tool called Deep Thunder that has been said to forecast weather in a location as specific as a city block. If you’ve walked the streets of D.C. and have seen a vehicle called Olli, you’ve met IBM’s latest project. IBM has been working with Watson, their IoT technology, to build a driverless car called Olli, that will be transporting people around D.C., Miami and Las Vegas during the remainder of 2016.

Paid-Search Advertising Updates

In the past few months, advertising capabilities on various platforms have improved tremendously in regards to targeting and tracking abilities, and visual appearance. In recent weeks, Bing released their version of Google’s Ads Editor for Mac. Although their Editor is in Beta, it’s a step in the right direction from the Windows-only Editor previously provided. Google has confirmed that ads will be coming to Local Pack, where those searching Google maps will see three results, of which the first will be an advertisement. You may have also noticed that Google’s Ads are appearing in Green. This is an update that many users may have seen during testing phases. Now, Google will be rolling the update out for all searchers. Snapchat also hopped on the advertising wagon and is now providing ads between stories, expandable advertisements, an ads API, a partner and creative directory for advertisers, and ad measurement and statistic capabilities.



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