The Washington Post just launched “BrandConnect Perspective”, a native advertising feature that allows organizations to publish commentary and opinion pieces that are featured in The Post’s Opinions online section. This is the first time that advertiser-generated commentary pieces with individual bylines appear alongside Post opinion content. Bayer is the first advertiser to use the product.

“By giving advertisers bylines and contextual relevance, BrandConnect Perspectives allows marketers to share their messages with a highly-engaged audience. This product is a unique extension of our BrandConnect native ad platform, and just another example of our commitment to create valuable solutions for advertisers,” said Kelly Andresen, director of ad innovations.

Raymond F. Kerins, Jr., senior vice president and head of communications, government relations and policy for Bayer Corporation, said, Bayer is using this new feature because “The Post provides Bayer with an ideal forum to reach key influencers in the nation’s capital.”

BrandConnect Perspectives are clearly labeled as advertising and The Post newsroom is not involved with the product.

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