You don’t have to go to New York or LA anymore. There is a spectacular 40 X 60-foot sound stage studio with 1,000 amps of dedicated power and a 180-degree hard cyclorama in Fairfax, just minutes from I-66 and the Beltway. Until a couple of months ago, this did not exist since the shuttering of Atlantic Studios in D.C. and Flite 3 in Baltimore more than five years ago.

The relatively new Thundershot Studios has been a labor of love for its creators, Lars Sandvik, president, and Amy Krueger, vice president. Sandvik is a cinematographer who has been designing motion imagery–and Emmy Award-winning production support for commercials, documentaries, and broadcast productions over the past two decades. He said he has been designing this studio in his head for 15 years. Krueger has been producing promo, ad and broadcast spots for years.

This is a producer’s and crew’s dream studio with every engineering detail to make production easier and really enjoyable. What got Capitol Communicator’s attention was the 1,000 square foot truck bay for interior loading and unloading, plus a sound stage large enough to shoot car commercials. The green room, dressing rooms, conference room and kitchen are 4 star. The studio is incredibly quiet. Capitol Communicator was there on a hot day with the studio lights on, but the studio was cool and you could not hear the air-conditioning.

The region has needed a studio like this. That we did know.

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