While autonomous cars won’t be in every garage anytime soon, today’s vehicles have never been more connected, reports Adweek, adding that’s leading “marketers, agencies and automakers to transform cars into the next media and marketing platform.

“Radio once held drivers hostage as the only form of in-car entertainment, said Scott Symonds, managing director of AKQA Media, adding it was ideal for the frequency and localization of messaging. “[It] was a great advertising opportunity that’s sort of fallen out as terrestrial radio has shrunk a little bit,” he said.

“Cars won’t be functioning as mere extensions of phones or laptops with ads on the dash, but Symonds thinks marketers will make cars and the brands inside them more useful. That could mean increasingly localized ad buys on maps, ad-sponsored charge-ups for electric vehicles or brand-subsidized LTE or Wi-Fi.”

You can read the full story here.

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