WPP released its EEOC workforce diversity data for the U.S., revealing that Blacks comprise 2.2% of the region’s senior/executive level managers, while Asians account for 5.7% and Hispanic/Latinos 5.8%. Whites account for 85%, states MediaPost, which adds that the remaining portion of staffers not captured in the breakdown identify as members of other racial groups as defined by the EEOC.

The data is for 2018 as the collection of 2019 data was suspended by the EEOC due to the Pandemic.

According to MediaPost, outside of the U.S. “WPP is working to collect similar data (where such data collection is permitted) with the intention of publishing it in the firm’s annual sustainability report.

“The data was released via a memo from CEO Mark Read, pictured above, which also noted that the firm has formed an Inclusion Council to help accelerate improvement in WPP’s overall D&I picture.”

“We are not proud of these numbers,” Read wrote, “and they demonstrate the scale of the task ahead of us.”

WPP plc is a London-based multinational communications, advertising, public relations, technology and commerce holding company. In 2019, it was considered the world’s largest advertising company.

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