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Admirable Devil Campaign Introduces Quantic to Drive MBA Enrollment After Rebrand

by | Apr 2, 2020

Since 2013, Quantic School of Business and Technology has reimagined business education. Developed by several early executives at Rosetta Stone, Quantic brings the MBA curriculum to the modern era, with rigorous lessons optimized for a global, mobile world. After a recent rebrand, Quantic (formerly Smartly Institute) turned to Admirable Devil, a D.C.-based full service creative agency, to develop a new campaign to drive enrollment across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

The campaign is introduced in five, fifteen-second digital videos and print that take a light-hearted poke at the traditional business school model to set up the distinct advantages of a Quantic #ModernMBA. 

“At a typical business school, you’re burning cash for two years, you’re lectured at, and you’re put on the consultancy track, along with just about all of your peers . So “Old Boy”, this oblivious character we created, blindly marches through b-school and his career. He’s not a bad guy – but he is the type of guy our target wants no part of. His antics then give us a chance to introduce Quantic,” said Bruce Gray, Co-Chief Creative Director at Admirable Devil. 

“It’s Time for a #ModernMBA” nails it because as quickly as the world is evolving, business school education hasn’t innovated enough to keep pace. Quantic brings together the best in tech, pedagogy, and the most valued aspects of the world’s top schools — and that’s enabled us to enroll incredibly high achieving students. The Devils brought this idea to life with humor and wit that stands out in our industry,” said Rachel Fletcher, Director of Marketing and Brand at Pedago, the company behind Quantic. 

The ads can be viewed below:

“Cash Burn”
“Rat Race”
“Slow Death” 

In print ads to appear in The Economist, the headline on a striking image of a Quantic MBA student against a Martian landscape reads, “Learn to be the CEO of Mars, Inc. As in the Red One.” 


Rachel Fletcher, Quantic School of Business and Technology

Agency: Admirable Devil
Co-Chief Creative Director, Michael Carpenter, Partner
Partner, Co-Chief Creative Director, Bruce Gray
Partner, Chief Strategist, Joel R. Johnson
Senior Producer, Amy Romanow
Senior Project Manager, April Harding
Production Company, Neighborhood Watch
Executive Producer, Taryn Nagle E
Executive Producer, Matt Snetzko
Director, Kyle Sauer
Line Producer, Sam Broscoe
Director of Photography, Sharif El Neklawy
Stills Photographer, Matt Monath
Editorial, Neighborhood Watch
Editor, William Kenton
Post Producer, Amy Feldman 


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