By Yavuz Goncu, Director of 3D Technology, HighRock

Marketing your business doesn’t always mean creating completely new assets. Chances are, some of your project files that are collecting either digital or actual dust can be used as a marketing tool. This is especially exciting in the fields of architecture and real estate development, where advances in 3D and VR can produce astounding results.

We are in the golden age of technology. Real estate developers and architects have moved from hand drawn blue prints, to CAD drawings, to BIM (Building Information Modeling) files within the last few decades. Using other advances in technology, brand new marketing tools can be created out of assets that seemed to have already served their purpose. CAD/BIM files, fabric samples, or even napkin drawings can be all it takes to create a stunning 3D or VR piece to showcase your products. So, don’t sit on your assets — bring them to life.

Bringing Your Assets to Life

While developing your projects, you’ve seen all the pictures, stacks of plans, sections, elevations, cut-sheets and finish samples, but you probably don’t know that at the base of it all there’s a BIM file that contains all this data that holds an immense amount of marketing potential.

Your assets can be brought to life by utilizing 3D and VR technologies to create virtual experiences. Teams like the one at HighRock can provide a platform for you to experience your projects in real time. From design development to sales, you’ll also have access to rapid updates and plug and play features. Design changes, finish options, test fits, space plans are all selectable features that can be changed in real time that will allow your customers to make decisions real time on your website or in a meeting at one of your sales centers.

We created a sales tool like this for Hatteras Yachts. Working with their marketing and design departments, we built the M90 Panacera VR Experience that helped potential buyers walk through the $12 Million yacht virtually, point and talk through finishes, fixtures, and design elements with the interior designer to build their dream yacht.


A Future-Proof Marketing Tool

Having a VR experience of your property/product provides you with a nearly endless supply of angles and views to show off your projects. Even months or years after you’ve received the VR experiences, you may need additional views or angles of either the interior or exterior of one of your projects. Instead of paying for additional 3D renders, you’ll simply be able to grab high-resolution photography from within the VR experience. You can quickly and easily build a presentation full of views from your project. There are no delays in delivery; your VR experience will have everything you need.

Developing a VR experience for your product is not only a unique and attention-grabbing marketing choice, it also saves you time and money in the long run, while speeding up sales and future proofing your investment. For projects that haven’t been built yet, a VR experience is a great way to demonstrate value to potential investors or tenants. Possible future tenants are able to choose their future space and plan it as they like. Technology is moving fast, don’t get left behind.

Ready to uncover some stellar marketing tools? HighRock 3D is on board to join your team and start the discovery process!

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