Ben Savage, CMO of Flying Dog Brewery; Kevin Alansky, CMO of CircleBack, Incand Leslie Ferry, CMO of Earth Networks kick off the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on Sept. 30 with a CMO roundtable discussion. Moderated by Paul Sherman, publisher of Potomac Tech Wire, they will share the challenges that face CMOs today from the points of view of B2C, B2B and B2G

Savage joined Flying Dog in 2010 and, during that time, Flying Dog’s sales and brand has grown at a record pace. He currently oversees all of the sales and marketing efforts for Flying Dog, which covers a market geography of 26 states and 17 countries. With the help of his leadership, Flying Dog has grown to be one of the most popular and recognizable craft beers in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. There are nearly 3,000 breweries in the U.S., and Flying Dog currently ranks as the 33rd largest.

Alansky brings 20+ years of experience leading marketing efforts in the digital era and driving growth through expertise in acquisition, analytics and retention. He has served as a results-driven marketing executive for SocialRadar, Blackboard Inc. and Discovery Communications. He has an in-depth understanding of  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other demand-side platforms; plus influencer marketing, social media, public relations, Mixpanel, Kochava, iTunes App Store optimization and other marketing automation systems to drive growth.

Ferry is responsible for Earth Network’s company’s brand strategy, product marketing and marketing communications. Before joining Earth Networks, Ferry served in a range of leadership positions that cut across product strategy, brand management, marketing communications, operations and user experience. Throughout her career she has helped both private and public companies establish market leadership positions and achieve their next growth stage. Most recently, she served as vice president of marketing at BroadSoft, where she helped the company achieve one of 2010’s most successful IPOs, strategically steering the company’s corporate identity and brand repositioning, and led innovative marketing strategies to help expand the company’s customer reach to over 70 global markets.

The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit has historically sold out. Secure you place soon. Click here for more information and the agenda.

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