Purpose-driven marketing and diversity emerged  as key themes at the Cannes Lions festival this week during a panel presented by the Economist magazine. Moderated by Andrew Palmer, Business Affairs Editor at The Economist, the session featured insightful discussions from Elizabeth Rutledge, CMO at American Express, Antonio Lucio, CMO at HP, and Molly Battin, EVP and Global Chief Communication and Corporate Marketing Officer, Turner.,

According to the Economist, Antonio Lucio said that “having a clear sense of purpose was more important than ever to help navigate the current social, economic and cultural landscape. “The two issues that are critically important for us are diversity and sustainability.”

Speaking about HP’s focus on diversity, Lucio said it was a source of innovation – “without it we wouldn’t be able to deliver the types of products or services that we are delivering.”

Battin said having access to more data and analytics has changed the way Turner approached marketing and its advertisers – “switching to more audience-based buying and shifting how you think about your media plan in total”. She said measurement remained a key challenge, reported the Economist.

When asked about Facebook, Rutledge said it was just one of many channels. She said American Express was using its own customers as a platform for growth, citing a successful program called ‘Member Get Member,’ reported the magazine.  More here.


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