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Capitol Communicator has a post by Red Thinking that, this year, its pro bono efforts are helping The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Drew Strikes Back, with Red Thinking

by | Apr 25, 2023

By Red Thinking

Thinking bigger is foundational to the Red Thinking team. Our ideas are bigger. Our impact is bigger. So, it tracks that when we set out to make a difference in the world around us, We. Go. Big. During our 2022 offsite retreat, the Red Thinking team shifted our value of “Giving Back” to “Paying it Forward,” preferring to be proactive and thoughtful about the ways we serve others.

This year, our pro bono efforts are dedicated to helping The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), the largest non-profit dedicated to creating a world without blood cancers. We are doing so by way of the Visionary of the Year campaign, and candidate Stephanie Snapkoski’s team: Drew Strikes Back.

Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2018, then five-year-old Drew was sent to INOVA Children’s Hospital in Fairfax, VA, where he would begin three years of chemotherapy treatments. A painful port placement to start the process, recovery meant repeated spinal taps and countless injections. As resilient as they come, the pain of treatment was not the worst part of cancer for Drew; it was the isolation. Thankfully, Drew is now in remission, yet the fight continues because blood cancers, like Drew’s, continue to ravage families.

To aid Drew Strikes Back’s efforts to raise money to strike out cancer, Red Thinking has done what we do best: developed a strategic digital and creative campaign, where our work and impact is helping raise awareness of the LLS mission; and showcases Drew Strikes Back in every manner we can. Follow along @DrewStrikesBack_LLS, and learn more about the creative and digital campaign intended to further empower this LLS visionary of the year team to reach new audiences and donation opportunities.

Red Thinking is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

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