This year’s celebration of Free Speech Week started Oct. 19 and features specially-designed social media badges and other assets created by D.C.-based MDB Communications as part of the ongoing work they do for the non-profit.

Free Speech Week is a yearly event created to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech in our democracy – and to celebrate that freedom. As part of the celebration, media, including the NAB and Newspaper Association of America, along with individuals, universities and foundations, will be asked to use social media and other channels to participate in raising awareness about the history and importance of freedoms of speech. Everyone is asked to show their support for free speech by using #freedomspeaks and change their profile picture October 19 – 25 with the badges created by MDB. Supporters can also visit the #FreeSpeechWeek Shop at to purchase branded merchandise.

MDB Communications has been working with Free Speech Week for the past four years, primarily providing pro bono services to the organization, in the form of creative, public relations, print, support for social media outreach, and helping the organization increase its strategic alliances.

“I’ve never taken  our nation’s inalienable rights for granted; nor do I forget that not every government treats its citizens equally,” said Cary Hatch, CEO of MDB Communications. “MDB has committed its support to the mission of this organization because we realize that freedom of speech has also been the cornerstone of our careers.”


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