VIVA Creative (, a global experiential marketing agency, located in Rockville Maryland, launched an innovative thirty-foot-wide kinetic touch wall that attracted over 8,000 interactions and tens of thousands of social media impressions over a two-day period at the 4th Annual Indeed Interactive event in Austin Texas, reported PRNewswire.

When attendees touched one of twenty-six orange touch points, they were surprised and delighted by animated projection overlays that captured brand messages in a fun and engaging way. Most users interacted with every single touchpoint, leading to complete immersion in the brand story.

“This innovative experience was built on discovery, exploration, and play which resulted in record-setting audience engagement and a high return on investment,” said Emily Greene, VIVA’s President & Chief Creative Officer. “In addition to being a focal point at the event, the kinetic wall continues to generate thousands of shares on social media across many channels.”

Allie Pristas, Senior Art Director and Creative Director at VIVA Creative, led the design process. She identified the client’s brand story and developed a message hierarchy with graphic vignettes for each product and service featured on the wall. She created artwork for the entire canvas, and twenty-six interactive touch points highlighted in orange to attract people to explore the wall. She then hand sketched a storyboard before working with her design team to lay out the graphics and animations that come to life through projection when the wall is touched.  More here.

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