HighRock Staff Feature: Len Sullivan

When a problem arises, it can often stall individual productivity, team coherency and – given enough time and pressure – it can even affect a company’s profitability.

After 26 years of marketing and strategy implementation, Len Sullivan of HighRock knows this all too well. In fact, he has made a career out of solving problems. Subscribing to the philosophy that you don’t pick your industry, you go where your path leads you, Len’s career path has been both exciting and groundbreaking.

Len’s Virtual Footprint

From comic books to video games and every entertainment medium in between, Len has worked in a wide array of marketing implementation and solutions. Ten years ago, he found his calling when he partnered with Yavo Göncü and formed Pylot Studios. What began as a software venture eventually turned into a design studio, and Len and Yavo began to work with companies to bring 3D design into industries previously reliant on more archaic forms of marketing. Pylot Studios presented them with the opportunity to transform marketing campaigns with technology; this process  – while revolutionary at the time – has now become almost expected of any marketing venture.

The Path to Vice President

While Len and Yavo had collaborated with HighRock before, an opportunity arose in 2014 to merge 3D with traditional marketing in a way that was both compelling and unique. Together, their teams could offer a multidiscipline approach, allowing yet another opportunity for Len to put his problem solving skills to work. HighRock’s and Pylot’s ideological standpoints on customer satisfaction and technology were similar. Moreover, their capabilities, once combined, would offer a huge scope of services and would allow Len’s team to provide nearly everything in-house. This meant that he could respond proactively to significant growth in the tech industry. They haven’t looked back since.

As the Vice President of HighRock, Len is dedicated to approaching each industry and client differently, because he recognizes that they all have aspects that set them apart from any other client. His team aims to draft a unique solution for every customer that will appeal to them and their audience. His explorative style when dealing with clients enables him to broaden the way he connects with consumers, meeting them at a level where they feel comfortable. In essence, he strives to work with his clients to see them succeed in ways they may have never thought previously.

Short-Term Is Short-Sighted

Most importantly, Len and his team at HighRock emphasize that the biggest key to problem-solving is that, no matter what tool you use — VR, 3D, web design, or print — problem-solving for the short term is never a great solution. Len believes in looking at the big picture and working toward a solution that gives people an affordable option that they can come back to time and time again.

“No matter what business venture you’re pursuing, it’s crucial to keep on top of technology especially given the rate at which our current society is embracing and implementing new technologies” is a philosophy which he embraces both internally with the HighRock team and externally with clients. Both as an industry leader and a lover of technology, Len believes it’s going to be increasingly easier to get left behind. Whether you do it by yourself, in-house, or have a partner like HighRock, staying up-to-date on technology is the difference between being at the forefront of customer’s mind or being on the backburner.

The Future of Marketing

If you want to change up your media or marketing, reach out to Len at HighRock, a Capitol Communicator sponsor.  For more information on how technology is shaping our culture and creativity, you can listen to him at the annual Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on September 27 in Baltimore, MD, where he will give a fascinating presentation on 3D and more.


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