Carousel30 has been named digital agency of record by Masseria, an award-winning Italian fine-dining restaurant in the Union Market/NOMA district of D.C.

As the marketing and creative partner of Masseria, Carousel30 will provide new – and expand existing – channels for communicating Masseria’s offerings and branding messages to targeted audiences. The partnership between Masseria and Carousel30 will, in turn, further the restaurant’s objectives to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Washington, D.C. Carousel30’s work thus far with the brand has grown its initial customer base into a loyal, passionate following across its digital marketing platforms, which translate directly to visits to the establishment as well as its special events.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to continue our relationship with this unique brand, and look forward to finding new ways to connect Masseria’s audience to a part of an experience that extends from the moments they spend at the restaurant to those they share with others after they leave,” said Greg Kihlström, founder and CEO of Carousel30. “This is central to what Carousel30 does for our clients, and we love the unique opportunities that working with Masseria provides.”

Since the restaurant’s opening in mid-2015, Carousel30 has worked closely with chef and owner Nick Stefanelli to create a strategy that combines the restaurant’s clean, urban aesthetic with a marketing approach that focuses on the unique experiences, or “Masseria Moments” that location and exquisite cuisine allows.

Stefanelli said, “Carousel30 understands how to balance Masseria’s elements of cuisine, location and the overall experience created by the combination of both. We look forward to a great and continuing relationship with the agency.”

Carousel30 will lead Masseria’s brand and creative work, social media marketing, email marketing, advertising and website management.

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