For the record, I can’t even predict what I am going to have for dinner tonight. But for 2021?

I predict 2021 will happen. The sun will come up and life will continue. But different. Just like our grandparents needed to save sugar and toilet paper from the depression years. We too will have some issues regarding cleanliness. Whatever crazy crap happens, we will always be aware of being too close, touching stuff and cleaning too much.

I was just looking through some B-roll footage from our past. Like springtime, and thought. Wow. How things have changed. The memory and trauma of all this will be deeply embedded in our brains. I also predict that we are not even close to being over this, and 2021 will have many of the same issues regarding burnout and anger!

I am not trying to be dark or negative. I am a very positive person. But if we understand, we can help as communicators. We have a responsibility in our profession to lead, to help and be part of a healing process. Your brand needs to be considerate of these emotions.

The entire planet is going through this mess together and we can take this all as an opportunity to be more than a United States, we can become a United Planet.

Too hopeful? mmmm maybe I will have something healthy for dinner. These sweatpants are getting a tad tight.

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