An Open Invitation to Safely Visit Prince George’s County

During the unparalleled period of COVID-19, MDB created a landmark campaign that heralds the opportunity for visitors to safely experience the beauty, history, dining and abundant outdoor venues that Prince George’s County, MD, has to offer.

MDB created the digital-first advertising and PR campaign to advance the county’s open invitation to visit when visitors feel they are ready. According to a release, “Prince George’s County offers a welcome retreat, for folks that have been cooped up for months, with destinations that are open and compliant with county safety guidelines and mandates.”

According to Leslie W. Graves, President and CEO of Experience Prince George’s, “We not only wanted to show people that we understand that they are looking to safely visit and explore places that are conveniently close to home. In addition to showcasing some of the little-known venues that Prince George’s County offers, we wanted people to feel a sense of great pride about the county once they were exposed to the campaign.”

Richard Coad, Chief Creative Officer with MDB, said “It was important to capture the personality and pulse of the county and the things that really make this place cool.  And we wanted to do it in a way that would ring true. The use of the SOCIAL DISTANCE HERE mark, is a strong invitation that takes pandemic limitations and turns it into an opportunity to safely see one of the marquis areas in the DMV.”

“We developed a robust, diverse, integrated media plan to complement the full suite of assets,” said Carole Reuschle, MDB’s Media Director, “organic and paid social, custom content and rich media and standard digital banners.  The emphasis is on drive markets, including New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond and Delaware to capitalize on those consumers with a growing interest in travel, and safe travel, during these unprecedented times.

Additionally, states the release, “the PR initiative is a strong component of this initiative, focusing on the proud history of Prince George’s County including the Underground Railroad, the recent Maryland Restaurant Week and other timely openings in the county.  The public relations plan, extending to media outlets throughout the Eastern Seaboard while engaging social influencers, brings reach and authenticity to the program.”

MDB is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

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