By Matt Smith

Since starting this wonderful series, I’ve tried to find some of the good (and fun) work being done in and around Washington, D.C.. Well, this week you have your own chance to be blown away by the brilliant talent that exists right next door to you.

This Thursday evening, March 21, the American Advertising Federation’s D.C. chapter will present its annual awards, known as the ADDYs, in a gala celebration at the Carnegie Institution for Science, located at 1530 P Street, NW, at the corner of 16th and P Streets.

The D.C. ADDYs are a celebration of all that’s good in our region.  But winning one can get an agency even more attention on a much wider scale because this is only the first round of competition.  The winners here move onto a regional level, and those winners then compete nationally.

Do the ADDY Awards help agencies win new business?  Not really.  I’ve never found a client or prospect who says “Hey—I only want an ADDY winner to handle my business.”  But that doesn’t even remotely diminish the real advantages that winning an ADDY can bring to an agency.  For example—an award can be a great morale booster for the staff and help generate a new sense of teamwork that can ultimately result in a better and stronger creative product.

Also, this year’s judges appear to be pretty tough and demanding, and that only adds to the value of winning an award.  It lends credence to the idea that winners beat out some very stiff competition, and that bodes well for the overall community.

Like I’ve said all along—our region has some of the most creative agencies and people in the country producing fantastic work all year round.  So if you want to experience the terrific work being produced by your peers and colleagues, head to the ADDYs this week.  I’ve no doubt you’ll come away thinking, “Oh, That’s Good.”

Matt Smith is founder of SmithGifford, and has close to 40 years’ experience as a creative and agency leader at the nation’s top agencies.  SmithGifford is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

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