According to Austin Clemens, Quid, Inc., 2018 saw massive inflows in investment and innovations leveraging artificial intelligence technology to mimic the way humans read information, and allow communicators to understand the conversation across millions of news and blog articles, social media posts, online forums, and other conversations. Walmart used AI tools like Quid to predict certain product category demands, and adjusted their merchandising and communication strategy to realize a significant increase in store sales. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) used AI to detect fake comments on their website, and better understand legitimate public concerns. In 2019, AI technology will be accessible to a larger group of organizations and companies. 2019 will also bring applications of AI for communicating, and not just understanding public conversations and perspectives. Through 2018, significant investment and intellectual property development went into speech understanding and chatbot technology, which will result in more platforms and mechanisms for automatically delivering messages and communications to people in 2019. Hopefully AI will continue to improve as an enabler to better understanding and communication between agencies, brands, organizations and their audiences, stakeholders and customers.

Capitol Communicator predicts that technology and trends will lead to further changes and uncertainties in the agency world in 2019, as agencies try to adjust to the new realities facing them and all communicators.  And, while WPP recently announced a major structural change, that action will mark a continuation of fundamental changes that will affect agencies large and small.  2019 will see more reorganizations, mergers and consolidations that will significantly impact the communications community.

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