Whether you call them Pluralists, Neo-Digital Natives or the Job Hopping Generation, a new cohort of marketers is emerging and things will never be the same. We invited some of the area’s top millennials to give their thoughts on the future of the industry as their generation reaches maturity.

In this edition of Fresh Blood, Emily Atkinson speaks about her work in developing public relations strategies, and what PR means in 2019. She talks about how being involved in the whole process from start to finish feeds her passion. Emily also explains how company culture plays a huge role in developing public relations, and her approach leverages that understanding to properly craft engaging stories for each client.

Produced and sponsored by Three Seas, a collective of creative boutiques with expertise in visual storytelling, creative strategy, sound and music. Credits:  Production:  Cerebral Lounge;  Sound Design and Mix:  Clean Cuts; Creative Strategy:  Gigawatt Group; Custom Music: Noise Distillery.

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