This holiday season, RP3 Agency is making gifts to three D.C.-area non-profits–Junior Achievement, Children’s National Health System and the Washington Area Women’s Foundation–on behalf of the agency’s clients, friends and colleagues. All they have to do is choose which organization they’d like to support. And, states Bethesda-based RP3 Agency, that’s where the magic begins, because RP3 is distributing Google Cardboard headsets that turn the donation process into a whimsical virtual reality experience called RPTree.

According to the agency, users simply visit rp3agency.com/vr on their mobile phones, and slide the phone into the cardboard viewer. They’ll enter a 360-degree winter wonderland full of trees and each non-profit’s logo in order to direct their donation. While there, they can explore the 3D landscape and experience the exciting possibilities of this new technology for themselves.

“Virtual reality is getting a lot of hype right now in the creative and tech communities, but there’s some skepticism amongst marketers about whether or not it’s going to catch on,” said Kurt Roberts, RP3 Agency’s chief creative technologist. “We think VR has huge potential as a storytelling medium, but no one’s really figured it out yet. Right now everyone’s building apps, which can be expensive and time consuming. We’re pushing to deliver it in the browser, which is much more immediate but presents its own set of challenges. By working through these issues on a project like this, we’ll be in a great position to recommend best practices to our clients.”

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