RP3 launched a new social media campaign for Facing History and Ourselves titled “The History Of.”

Facing History provides teachers with the tools to help their students learn about racism, anti-Semitism, prejudice and tolerance so that students are equipped to prevent these injustices from reoccurring in their daily lives. “We were tasked with the promotion of Facing History’s annual student essay contest to help drive voting and website visitation, but saw the impassioned experiences of ethical decision making described in these student essays as too powerful to keep to ourselves,” said RP3 Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lansbury.

“The History Of” includes a series of three videos that elevate the voices of these individual students by truly bringing their essays to life. Facing History is promoting the videos to teachers across the nation through their social media channels to raise awareness, spark conversation, and inspire teachers around the globe to implement Facing History’s lesson plans in their classrooms.

Charlie, a high school student from Ohio, wrote his essay about the inspiration he took from Harvey Milk’s 1978 “Hope” speech. Milk’s words spurred Charlie to embrace his true identity and to stand for something far bigger than himself. Read his essay here.

Eniola’s essay stems from the disparity she sees in her town of Amherst, Massachusetts. She explains that Amherst is named for General Amherst, a man who exterminated the area’s indigenous population. Despite the evil rooted in her town’s name, she sees the people of Amherst as virtuous and admirable, and has an idea for a new town name that reflects this innate goodness. Read her essay here.

Claire, a student from Pennsylvania, saw children actively discriminating against one of their peers on the playground. She was reminded of the story her parents told her about Fred Korematsu, the man who recognized the injustice of President Roosevelt’s internment of Japanese Americans and fought for fairness. On the playground, Claire spoke up just as Fred did. Read her essay here.

RP3, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, collaborated with Brooklyn-based Smartypants Pictures to create the videos for the campaign and have been partnering with Facing History since 2011. In 2016, the agency worked with the client to create thought-provoking videos featuring Sir Ben Kingsley and Josh Gad that challenge the viewer to make the essential connection between history and the moral choices they confront in their own lives.


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