By Anna Strickler, HighRock

Outsourcing for marketing work can be a tricky realm. Hinge Marketing suggests that many firms outsource marketing functions haphazardly. Rather than reactively filling unexpected gaps in your resources, they suggest that advance planning in outsourcing can vastly improve the efficiency and quality of your marketing. In this two-part series, we’ll explore the Do’s and Don’ts of outsourcing your marketing and how to plan for success in your marketing strategy.

Whether you are a part of an established business with a full team of marketing staff or you are the CEO of a start-up teaching yourself how to code a website, we have a few pointers to help you on your way.

The Do’s of Outsourcing:

  • Approach the solution with strategy: Too often we see companies realize too late that they are in need of a specific service and reach out in half desperation. While it is possible to find reward in these instances, it is always preferable to go into something with a clear head and a path before you. If you know the numbers you want, consider involving a third party who can strategize on how to achieve that. If you are seeking out an industry specific agency, you should feel confident that marketing specialists are familiar with the problems that you face, and can propose solutions with experience behind them to prove it.
  • Consider a test run: It is rare that one solution presents itself as preferable over all others. This is why companies can often struggle to make a simple decision, such as updating a website or adding a new social media presence. If members of your team would like to consider outsourcing a project, reach out to professionals who may be able to help. Test your own knowledge against theirs, see if there are any considerations that you may not have been conscious of had you tried to conquer it by yourself. Sometimes simply hearing the problem from an unbiased source can lead to the most profitable solution.
  • Pay attention to what’s already working: If your current strategy is already successful, don’t fix what ain’t broke. Instead consider your growth model and current trends – what could you add to increase your ROI? How would this solution tie into your overall lead strategy?
  • Consider the skills you need:  A team of marketers is made up of both left and right brain professionals who are trained to function like two arms – they are both reaching for the same goal, but to pick up the box they need one another. Regardless of the service – whether it is video production, web development, or just an update to your Google – there are specialists in your industry that not only are aware of the latest trends, but also know how to coordinate with a team to deliver the desired outcome. Members of a successful team know that the key to effective creativity is consistency. Unlike an internal team that may be juggling a multitude of tasks at any given time, a marketing partner is overtly aware that every action must be measurable. Not only is the data aspect constantly present in the back of their minds, they are also familiar with keeping businesses up to date with how things are trending to ensure confidence throughout the journey. These results can be delivered on a quarterly basis, and can often be accompanied with a recommendation on how to improve the latest trend.

Part 2 of “The Do’s & Don’ts of Outsourcing” will be posted shortly.

Anna Strickler, Marketing Associate, HighRock

Anna’s work experience spans a variety of industries, ranging from non-profits to education. Prior to working at HighRock, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, she worked in front-end web development for a marketing company in Virginia. She brings that precision and attention to detail to her work at HighRock, as well as a deep breadth of knowledge from her studies of history and literature at the University of Virginia.

Anna loves incorporating her creative background and passion for language to bring a client’s ideas to life. As part of our marketing team, Anna works closely with our customers and marketing executives to manage projects from initial conception to final completion.

In her free time, Anna enjoys running, gardening with her husband on their family’s farm, exploring local restaurants and poetry. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Ethan, and one very large cat named Neville.

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