By Rob Whittle, CEO, Williams Whittle

A friend of mine wondered to me recently if he’d ever wear a suit to work again. My question back to him was, would he ever wear pants to work again?

Greetings, campers. You who are responsible for the well-being, growth and even survival of your respective enterprises. Since you are reading this in the Capitol Communicator, I will assume that your job is in some way in marketing. You’re in an agency, or you’re client side. Are you a CMO? A creative? In account service? Research? Media? PR? You are likely working remotely or on some rotating schedule. It’s been months since you’ve seen your colleagues outside of a Zoom call. Since you are on the marketing end of things, you are in some way in charge of your company’s or your client’s brand.

Welcome to face masks, swab tests, and rolling out of bed and getting to work in your PJs. Are you, like my staff, more productive working remotely? Do you worry that the younger members of your organization are missing out on those hallway or water cooler sessions with more seasoned vets and are not progressing as rapidly as they would in a “normal” work environment?

During this weird time, I have been struck anew by the dedication of people in our industry. Yes, they do roll out of bed and get to work. Yes, they do care deeply about their work and in helping their companies or clients survive and/or thrive during this strange era. If your job is, say, selling cars, are the methods you use entirely different than those you employed in February? I you are a health care marketer, how much have you had to adapt to a new world? How about you in nonprofits? Associations? Any and every commercial enterprise? You’ve adapted or you’re dead meat and you just don’t know it yet.

I choose to look on the bright side of the marketing industry. I marvel at the innovation and the energy people bring to their jobs. How much of the changes we’ve wrought will survive the pandemic? Will we continue to work remotely, at least partially so? I suspect that answer is yes. Even more budgets are being pushed to online venues. Will that continue? Probably so. There are hundreds more changes and innovations that you have brought to the Covid party that will continue.

So, folks, it ain’t all bad. Pause and give yourselves a pat on the back for some truly Darwinian responses these last few months. The pandemic won’t last forever (really!), but some of the ways we work and view our profession will. And that, as I said, ain’t all bad.

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